Monday, November 22, 2010



Friday, November 12, 2010

kiena- upsr results

congratulations for the 6 Maju pupils whom get 5As. the rest, whom get 4As and below, dont be upset or dissapointed with the results that you got. all of us have tried the best. doesn't mean you didn't get 5As, your battle stop till now. and doesn't mean you got 5As you'll succeed for the entire of your life. we still dont know everything. we're just on the 1st step. we have to continue the battle. my advice for you and also for myself, learn and study until the end. okay, stop till now. bye.

p/s; have reached the 100th post.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Wei..korang wat blog ni utk apa?selama nie kiter x pernah bukak blog ni..bila dah dpt bukak..mcm2 lah yg keluar..kiter wat blog kiter pon..baru lah nak wat apa2 pon..selama ni..kiter x tau nak tulis apa kat blog kiter..ish..korang ni..
bertaubatla..aq ni mmg bkn alim sgt..tapi nak wat blog pon..wat la benda yg bermanfaaat skit..dan tolong..jangan kutuk aq mcm2..aq cuma nak nasihat kan korang..huhu

yg ikhlas sesgt..